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No, Politics Isn't Worth Losing Friends- Ask a Bush or Clinton

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 11:46 PM
I want everyone to take a deep breath and realize one thing as we enter the last week of the Presidential campaign.

To the politicians, it’s just a game, folks.

And if you take this stuff too seriously and end up fighting with your brother, your neighbor, your church, or your friend, you are a sucker, falling for the bait- hook, line, and sinker.

Need proof? Look at the many entrenched Republicans who, after decades of framing the fight against Democrats as a matter of life and death, are now admitting that Hillary more closely reflects their views than their own nominee! Look at political operatives James Carville and Mary Matalin, a diehard Democrat and firebrand Republican, respectively, who have managed to stay married despite backing totally different candidates with profoundly disparate agendas. And there’s the almost-too-cozy way the Bushes and Clintons have combined forces, even though the elder Bush referred to young Clinton as a “bozo” when it was his job on the line.

It’s a game, folks.

Other countries, especially the European ones, learned this lesson a long time ago. People in Britain or Germany don’t even talk about politics in public; it is beneath them, a separate part of society fit only for bureaucrats and bloodsuckers. Other countries tend to vote for party over personalities; their citizens tend to leave the muckraking and the scandals to the politicians.

It’s a game to the politicians, folks.

I know, this is your final chance to turn America around. You are worried about jobs, healthcare, ISIS. This is a landmark election, even though the political parties say every Presidential election is a landmark election. And even though this country has serious issues facing it, our nation is bigger than any one politician. Although a strong leader could definitely aid in the turnaround, be assured it will take a lot more than a Hillary Clinton or a Donald Trump to ruin what this country has built over centuries.

And surely there is no politician who perfectly mirrors your ideals and beliefs. I may like a particular candidate, but there is no candidate that speaks for me on every single issue. And there is no candidate on Earth that would matter more to me than a good friend, a trusted neighbor, or a valued patient.

Because guess what, everybody? The very next day after the election, those 2 candidates have already made up and exchanged pleasantries, while you are now no longer on speaking terms with your spouse, patient, or client, all because of some politician’s “talking points”. Don't let this happen to you! 

It’s a game, folks.

Maybe not to you and me, especially when we think about the future for our children. But to the professional politicians out there searching for votes, it is most definitely a game, no different to them than a college football contest, or a vote for homecoming queen. And it’s certainly no reason to disown friends, family, or neighbors.

In preparation for election season, I spent the evening decorating the office in alternating Democrat and Republican motifs. As I was preparing the Democratic room, I remembered the prosperity of the Clinton era, the promise of the Kennedy years. And as I was sitting in the Republican themed room, I could not imagine any American slandering such great Republican leaders like Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan. Sure, we may not always agree, but we can all admit that no one party has a monopoly on leadership. There have been some truly remarkable Presidents from each party, on that we can all agree. And somehow, when the other party won, the republic survived. Imagine that.

So remember this when you are talking to neighbors, colleagues, guests. Be respectful, and be aware of all the inspirational leaders-both Democrat and Republican- that have helped make this country the greatest nation on Earth.

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